brand: MatsuyamaCity
category: Product
year: 2018

The castle of Matsuyama was built in 1603 and survived through various Lords, lightning strikes, wars and bombing. Focusing on the idea of ‘lasting’ I wanted to get the most out of a flower. The most powerful moment of flower is when you give it to a person and he/she touches it. That exact moment the giver feels glad for giving and their receiver feels happier for the gift. Translating this idea in a piece of jewelry, I designed a minimal necklace pendant. A main cylindrical part that resembles the flower's body, with two curved parts that resembles the touch of giver and receiver. Yapada, the Greek word for "forever", comes in 24k gold, platinum, rose gold and a limited Matsuyama black rhodium edition.
Shortlisted Top#50
Official Designboom contest HERE