Brand: Hirosaki City
Category: Product
Year: 2017

International design contest by Designboom for Hirosaki city.
Subject: Apple & Hirosaki
Hirosaki is the capital of apples for Japan. Sushi is the most know Japanese food type. Combining the most famous eating tool from Japan with the silhouette of apples, we got ‘Stix’. A chopsticks created to hold the icon in your hands. On the top, the red colour represents the great red apples from Hirosaki. A free public version made of wood, when stocked and multiplied reminds an apple tree.A gift version made of marble, that also hides a surprise, a seed from Hirosaki apple trees to grow your own apple tree and spread the taste and the experience.
#1st Grand Prix Design Award
DesignBoom link
Hirosaki Design Week Ceremony Video