Brand: MioCugino
Category: Furniture
Year: 2016

International Design contest by MioCugino
For the 2016 edition, it was asked to design a new bar stool suitable for production by cnc milling. Over one hundred projects arrived, and it was difficult to choose the best to compete with the masters: Giulio Iacchetti, Neil Poulton, Franco Raggi, Matteo Ragni and Carlo Ratti. During the Fuorisalone 2016, the 10 winning stools were exhibited and used at the Pinch - Spirits & Kitchen Bar.
Alpo is a minimal yet playful stool made of plywood. Playing with the limits of the material seems to be impossible to be made, but the details in the joinery keeps everything together safely. Easy to assemble by one person. With output above 75%, I got 8 stools from a single plywood sheet 2440x1220 cm.
George Bosnas Miocugino